Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Patch for Groove fixes import issue

One of the gripes I have with Groove 2007 is that while it has an “Export my account” feature it, an exported account is time bombed. Once an exported account is more than 60 days old you can’t import it again.
On the Groove Advisor blog I see that a hotfix has been released that will allow older accounts to be imported. This functionality is likely to be included in a future service pack, but if you need it now you can log a support call with PSS.

Great new Exchange Articles

The Exchange Team Blog points to some great new articles about Exchange 2007. These include:
How to Build a Scalable and Available Unified Messaging System
Getting Started with Messaging Records Management
White Paper: Unified Messaging Concepts and Planning
Planning for Exchange Server 2007 Client Access Servers
Managing Client Access in Exchange Server 2007
Getting Started with Exchange Server 2007
Educating Information Workers About Exchange Server 2007
Well worth checking out.

Starting a new blog about Messaging and Collaboration

I am finding that there are plenty of things that I want to blog about that just don’t fit into the theme of my current blog. This is largly because I have jsut started a new role, in a new country with a slightly different focus to what I was doing. So here I will be blogging about joys, trials and tribulations of Messaging and Collaboration, Unified Messaging, and Communications.
This is an exciting time in this space as we are finally begining to see products that start to deliver on the convergence buzz word what has been floating around for the last five years or so. In my new role much of my focus will be on Exchange 2007 including Unified Messaging, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, Groove and Office Communications Server so I would expect many posts around those products and integrating them into environments.