Friday, July 20, 2007

Mobility and UC

Marty Parker over at has a good article about the convergence of mobility and unified communications.  He provides a good overview of some of the developments and acquisitions that have taken place lately and draws some interesting conclusions.

What does all this mean? In the UC world, more and more voice and video communications will be launched from and connected to a mobile wireless device. And calls increasingly will be launched by clicking a directory entry, an email address, an IM presence indication or a transaction button in an enterprise application portal.

This makes sense - mobility has long since stopped being about email on your phone.  Mobility is about extending the reach of your enterprises content and applications out to your people, who are increasingly not in the office.

As new applications rise in popularity in the enterprise it will no longer be a question of if that application is mobilized.  It will be a question of how...

Check out Marty's article. You need to register, but it is a good read.

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