Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Profile considerations for Groove

One of the cool things about Groove is that if you create a workspace the data in the workspace is encrypted both in transit and at rest on each client.

However I've run into an issue today where Groove was installed on a machine that had a roaming profile that was restricted in size by Group Policy. The user was invited to a workspace that contained about 180 MB of data and therefore Groove created about 180 MB of encrypted files in - you guessed it... the profile.

There could easily be another couple of posts here. The first would be about appropriate use of Groove, as much of the data in the workspace was finished and would therefore be better in SharePoint. the workspace did not need to be 180 MB, more like 30.

The second would be about the appropriate use of roaming profiles. This was on a laptop. The user does not roam to other machines. In this case the policy is really limiting the users, with no real benefit save perhaps amusing the jerk that designed this cruel torture.

Lets put those two aside for now. I was surprised that Groove does not appear to have a mechanism to retarget the workspaces to another location. there is nothing in the GUI that lets you change the default location. I could not find anything is the registry that looked likely. Both Google and the MS KB came up dry. This is not flexible enough guys!

The next strange issue I encounters is even worse. I had a chat with the owner of the workspace and we decided to restructure it so that finished content was stored elsewhere. We pulled a bunch of stuff out of the workspace - but the size of workspace stayed the same -both in the GUI and in the profile. And there does not seem to be a way to compact the workspace short of removing it.

I did find reference to a tool called GrooveClean.exe  but that only cleans out:

  • The transmit and receive buffer files
  • The cached diagnostic information
  • All associated log files

It does not actually compact the encrypted files is the profile. Is it just me or is that a massive waste of space?Sure, disk is cheap, but it is not unlimited, especially on Mobile PCs.

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