Sunday, September 23, 2007

IM communication is more personal

I had a friend stop by for dinner the other night. He was in Sydney for work and while he was at my house we Skyped his wife back in Singapore.

They are expecting their first child. My wife and I have known this for a while. We talked a bit about who among our mutual friends knew and who didn't. They have had a few issues getting hold of some people and they did not want to share this news via an email. During the Skype call the wife (and I'm not using names here as I don't want to spoil anyone's surprise)mentioned that she had just seen a friend online and IMed her with the news.

Interesting isn't it? News too personal for email is OK for IM. What are the implications for organisations rolling out IM internally? As in is used for work it is going to be a target for regulators. Archiving, compliance and usage policies are issues organisations should consider. However, so is privacy. This could be a hoary old chestnut.

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matt.lambert said...

Hi Craig

It just shows that Instant Messaging is not messaging at all, but a real time communications channel.

Your friends preferred to be 'there' for the reaction to their news rather than have it happen at some other time. It is presumably the more 'personal' feature to the IM.

Archiving requirements will absolutely drive IM to more serious vendors, starting with financial and then with a drip down.

For instance, in the UK even mobile calls are just about to become mandatory records for anybody that has anything to do with trading. IM won't be able to be hidden on either side.