Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Change the Web Components External URL in OCS

I was trying to change the external FQDN used by the Web Components server in OCS.  In the documentation it says that you need to run the following command:

Lcscmd /web /action:updateexternalpoolurls /externalwebfqdn:<ExternalFQDN> /poolname:<poolname>

This returns an error:

ERROR (0xC3EC7942): Invalid values specified for one or more
command line argument

The documentation is incorrect.  The correct command line is:

Lcscmd /web /action:updatepoolurls /externalwebfqdn:<ExternalFQDN> /poolname:<poolname>


phyler said...

THANK YOU! I knew they had jacked this up. Too bad they don't give you the possible action items in the Command Line reference document.

Seriously, that was a huge help!

Craig Pringle said...

I can relate. That was driving me nuts before I figured it out.