Monday, October 1, 2007

Get the right Exchange UM Language Pack

If you deploy Exchange Unified Messaging in your organisation then by default it is installed with the English US language pack.  If you want to change it you will need to download and install the appropriate language for your region. 

Currently the following languages are available:


English (Australia)

English (Great Britain)

English (United States)


French (Canadian)





Mandarin (Peoples Republic of China)

Mandarin (Taiwan)

Portuguese (Brazil)


Spanish (Mexico)


You can find these and download the most appropriate here:

How do you install it?  This from the MS Exchange Blog:

Let's assume I've downloaded the UK English (en-GB) language pack and stored it in the D:\UMLanguagePacks folder. On each server in the UM dial plan, run the following command:

exsetup /AddUmLanguagePack:en-GB /s:d:\UMLanguagePacks


Once this has been done, run the Exchange Management Console, go to the Organisation object and then the Unified Messaging object underneath it. On the UM Dial Plans tab, bring up the properties of your dial plan and on the Settings tab change the default language option to reflect your newly installed language pack. No service restart is required - at least, I never had to!

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