Saturday, April 19, 2008

Communicator 2007 Phone Edition update

There is a new update for the Communicator 2007 Phone Edition devices (aka Tanjay).

This update addresses a number of issues.  Here's a list of the fixes.

A call to a mobile number does not go through correctly for an Outlook contact who has an invalid instant messaging (IM) address.
If the IM address is not understood, callback uses the e-mail address to index the contact.

A call to an Outlook contact from the voice mail screen does not go through correctly.
Calls to the highlighted contact on the voice mail screen were made to the IM address. Calls now use the same method as the contact list. Calls to Outlook contacts from the voice mail screen are made to telephone numbers and not to IM addresses.

User credentials are lost if the network connection is lost after the user signs in to Microsoft Office Communicator.
The condition that causes this issue has been fixed.

The voice mail count may be incorrect for users who have long contact lists.
The sequence of retrieving the voice mail count from Exchange has been adjusted.

Calls to Outlook contacts do not go through correctly if the contact does not have a work telephone number listed.
The preference order for IM and e-mail has been changed to work telephone number, home number, and mobile number.

Office Communicator 2007 does not retrieve a mobile number for an Outlook contact that is also a global address list (GAL) contact.
The contact indexing mechanism on the telephone now processes x400/500 e-mail addresses.

Off-hook dialing fails when the location profile is unavailable.
The condition that causes this issue has been fixed.

Kerberos fails when an Active Directory server that has multiple network adapters installed has only one network adapter connected to the network
Make sure that all provisioned Active Directory network adapters are connected to the network.

Communicator Phone Edition stops responding when you try to end an unestablished call.
The condition that causes this issue has been fixed.

Communicator Phone Edition stops responding when it is in an on-hook state.
The condition that causes the unintended watchdog activation has been fixed.

The date of items that are in the call log view is one day earlier than the actual date of the call log item.
The leap year condition that causes this issue has been fixed.

The update also includes all the fixes from the previous update.

Download the package from Microsoft.

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