Thursday, April 10, 2008

OCS Support Coming to the Mac

I just attended a blogger's lunch at Interact08 that was hosted by Eileen Brown.  In attendance were a number of influencial bloggers who blog about Unified Communications and some very senior Microsoft people from the Exchange, OCS and Office Communicator teams.  There was some great conversation and I think both sides gained from the conversation.

They also broke some interesting news for us.  There is a new version of Mac Messenger client that will support Office Communications Server, in addition to the Windows Live Messenger service.

The Mac client will support some, but not all, of the features of the Office Communicator client today including:

  • Rich Presence
  • Instance Messaging
  • Peer-to-peer voice and video
  • GAL Search

In addition the Mac Messenger client will support dual login - so the same client can be used with both OCS and the hosted service.

This closes a gap that exists today that I know  some of my customers will be very pleased to hear about.

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