Wednesday, March 18, 2009

SydneyUC Meeting – the Good and Bad

The March Sydney UC meeting was a blast.  An absolute roaring success!  As long as you were actually there.  You see we were all hooked up to the Live Meeting well before the scheduled start time.  And then 5 minutes before the start – the Live Meeting session dropped and we could not get back in.  The irony of it all.

Apologies to the people who were unable to attend via Live Meeting.  This is, unfortunately, one of the key challenges with cloud based services.  You are utterly dependant on the cloud actually being available. 

That aside we had a good session.  I gave an overview of the portable OCS R2 lab I have been building.  It has been an interesting experience and I encountered and conquered a few issues along the way. 

Then Jeff Wang from Tandberg gave a great overview of the OCS R2 and Tandberg integration and interoperability story.  It was a great story and Jeff presented it brilliantly.  Scenarios demonstrated included:

  • OCS MOC client to room based system video call
  • Video phone to MOC client call
  • Video call forking to MOC and Video phone
  • Multiparty ad-hoc video including Tandberg and OCS endpoints
  • Scheduled multiparty video calls.

After that Wayne Lee from GN (Jabra) gave a session about Jabra’s background and product range.  Wayne highlighted the benefits of using OCS certified devices and gave a good overview of the devices that Jabra offer today.

Over all it was a great session and we had a good turn out.  We are planning another session in April, so keep an eye on the Sydney UC site, the RSS feed, our Facebook page or the #sydneyuc twitter tag.

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SBSorized Dale said...

I loved my Jabra headset while it worked - those guys have the nicest ear gels and it makes a HUGE dif in cutting down on background noise and overall all day comfort