Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August Sydney UC Meeting

Well it has been a long time between we’re going to make up for it now!  Today Johann posted details of our August meeting on the SydneyUC site.  It is going to be a call session with Alloy coming along to tell us all about the SNOM OCS range of phones that they distribute in Australia. 

The snom OCS Edition (snom Open Communication Solution Edition) combines the advantages of the open IP telephony standard SIP with the integration into Microsoft’s Office Communication Server 2007  and the complete Unified Communications solution.

snom phones are the first open-standard SIP phones with native Microsoft® Office Communication Server 2007 integration.

We are also hoping to have a TechEd Speaker Rapidfire session where we get all the UC track presenters we can find to present (or record) a 5-10 minute overview of what they will be presenting up at the Gold Coast.  I’ve not heard how we are going at getting said speakers, but Derrick and I will be there, as will John Smith so we should at least have the important ones ;)

We are also scheming a bit of a UC focused meetup at TechEd – so those of you attending this year stay tuned.

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